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2013 Attendees
Name Title Company
Paul Abdalian Sr. Vice President Foodservice A.J. Letizio Sales and Marketing, Inc.
Todd Abrohms Director, Foodservice Sovena USA
Cass Ahern VP Client Management & Business Development KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
JoAnn Alioto Vice President - Sales The Core Group
Doug Applequist Owner Food Marketing Services, Inc.
Mick Asmussen Vice President Advantage Waypoint LLC
Martin Baker Vice President Summit Food Marketing Inc.
Robert Bartelli Vice President, Sales Wells' Enterprises, Inc
Mark Baum SVP Industry Relations/CCO Food Marketing Institute
Herb Beck
Tom Bell VP, Foodservice Sales Pilgrim's Pride / Pierce Chicken
Keith Benoit Sr. Director, GM Special Markets Ocean Spray Inc.
Michael Berendes Owner Food Marketing Services, Inc.
Jim Binner East Division Sales Manager Lactalis Culinary
Kevin Black Director - Field Sales S.E./Central Land O' Lakes
John Boone Vice President, Special Markets Cohen Food Brokerage/IBA
JR Boring Director of Sales - West Smucker Company, The J.M.
Chris Bresler Executive Vice President, Metro NY/PA InFusion Sales Group
Kevin Brinkley Vice President The Seam
Paul Brinkworth Director of Sales - Central Smucker Company, The J.M.
Patrick Brockie National Sales Manager NORPAC Foods, Inc.
Don Brokop Vice President / General Manager Southern California Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Larry Brown Owner/SEO Michaels & Associates, Inc.
Billy Budd Acosta Foodservice
Michael Burkette VP of Sales CSP Information Group, Leadership Conferences
Kurt Burton Senior Vice President of Sales Supreme Great Lakes
Jerry Campbell CEO Elite Associates
Steve Canale VP of Distribution Sales - Foodservice Butterball
Mike Cannon VP FS Sales & Marketing Surlean Foods
Scott Cardwell
Debbie Carpenter Sr. Manager, Foodservice Mktg. Kikkoman
Charlie Carroll, Jr. President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Bill Caskey Vice President, Strategic Business Development ConAgra Foodservice
Dan Cassidy President & CEO KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Chris Chanski VP National Accounts AdvancePierre Foods
Eric Chapman SVP Military Sales / SVP Carolinas Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Tim Chilson Executive Vice President AFS Technologies, Inc.
Jim Chisholm
Laura Chute Vice President, Field Sales Custom Culinary, Inc.
Drew Clemens Director of Sales - East DOT Foods, Inc.
Andrew Cohen Vice President, Sales Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Rodney Cohen President / CFO Cohen Food Brokerage/IBA
Jerry Colella President - Foodservice Cohen Food Brokerage/IBA
Dawn Collins Division Sales Director West Campbell's Foodservice
Rick Conrad Vice President, Foodservice Country Pure Foods
Paul Covelli Advantage Waypoint LLC
Robert Crane VP, Sales & Marketing Acosta | Foodservice
Bill Crouch Eastern Zone Manager C.H. Guenther & Son
Jeff Crowley VP/ GM Enterprise Management King & Prince Seafood Corp.
Tom Daley Vice President, Foodservice Mission Foodservice
Wayne Davis Partner
Brian Dekema Vice President/GM Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Joe Del Sordo Vice President Management Computer Systems
Paul DeVincenzi Region President, West KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Carl Dietze President Concept Food Sales
Ed DiPasquale President EFD Associates
Paul Dombroski Sales Manager Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Kerry Doughty EVP Sales, Mktg and R&D Butterball
Randy Drake Regional Sales Manager, Central US Bell-Carter Foods, Inc.
Michael Duggan Vice President of Sales DOT Foods, Inc.
Ed Echols Western Zone Manager C.H. Guenther & Son
David Edelstein Partner
Roger Eilts CEO KS/MO Division - Elite KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Eising President BMG Marketing Services
Bob Elliott Vice President, Sales Nestle Professional
Tom Engels Director of Sales and Marketing Paradise Tomato Kitchens
Tug England
Otto Etzel, III President O.E. Brokerage Company, Inc.
Martin Evans
Mike Evans VP/National Sales Manager Kikkoman
Drew Facer Executive Vice President, Retail Idahoan Foods
Michael Fack National Sales Manager Clabber Girl
Gerry Favillo Director, Western Area Sales Simplot Food Group
John Flood VP/General Manager Further Processing Wayne Farms LLC
Paul Fournier President Tacticware Resource Group LLC
Michael Fromme Vice President Foodservice Sales Flowers Bakeries Foodservice
Eric Frost COO
Todd Furr Advantage Waypoint LLC
Glen Gallas President Supreme Great Lakes
Steve Geske Sr. VP Strategic Initiatives Ventura Foods, LLC
Heike Gillman Division Business Director- Central Division Campbell's Foodservice
Deane Gionta General Manager HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Howard Goldman President American Patriot Sales, Inc.
Todd Gordon Region Director - West KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Teddie Granville VP Marketing & Interactive Design FSE-Foodmark
Robert Green Advantage Waypoint LLC - Mid Atlantic
Michael Griffin Principal Software Architect FSE-Foodmark
Gary Haas Advantage Waypoint LLC
Leo Hannan Business Manager Food Service John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Mark Hanson
Eric Hanson
Ryan Harding Dir. of Marketing/Controller
Joe Hargadon SVP - Region Presidents East KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Steve Harris National Sales Manager Ocean Spray Inc.
Karin Hart National Director Foodservice Sales Simplot Food Group
Katherine Harte Business Development IBI Data
Rick Heavern President FSE-Foodmark
Rick Heidt President HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Gary Hendrickson CEO Supreme Great Lakes
Fred Hilton President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Jim Hinderaker Owner Food Marketing Services, Inc.
Patty Hines CFO / COO Osage Marketing, Inc.
Rich Hoadley RETIRED
Jim Hoag Director Foodservice NORPAC Foods, Inc.
Tom Hobart Vice President - Sales FSE-Foodmark
Ed Hopkins Director of Marketing AFS Technologies, Inc.
Bill Horn VP - Houston Market KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Kai Horn Vice President Balt/Wash
George Howard
Mark Hughes Region President Northeast KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Terry Hughner President & CEO Total Source
Grant Huxtable President PJB/PrimeLine Food Partners, Ltd.
Pat Ianaconi EVP Northeast Region Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Don Jackson President
Ronnie Janczak Executive Vice President Synergy Enterprises
Kirk Jaudes President, Managing Partner
Keith Kandt
Lisa Kartzman Director of Marketing & Graphics Roland Food Corp.
Travis King Sr VP Operations The Core Group
Rick Kirkpatrick Vice President, Sales and Marketing Sweet Street Desserts
Ned Klaisle COO Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Jim Klass VP Foodservice Solutions Sentrana
Barry Knizek VP Sales KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
John Kotarski Senior Executive Officer Michaels & Associates, Inc.
Bill Kress SVP Southeast Foodservice Division Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Joe Kunde
Volker Kuntzsch President King & Prince Seafood Corp.
Roger Lamoureux VP Foodservice Sales Sugar Foods Corporation
Don Lantz EVP West Region Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Greg Leber Market Director KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Raymond Lee President & CEO Country Pure Foods
Mark LePage
Bryan Lewis President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Roger Little EVP Central Region Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Chris Lock Vice President, Foodservice/Industrial Dole Food Company, Inc.
Brenda Lotesta Chief Marketing Officer KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Ron Lott Senior Vice President - Business Systems Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Robert Lundberg Vice President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Dave Lyons
Brent Magolan COO Supreme Great Lakes
KC Magolan EVP Supreme Great Lakes
Marcus Maltby Vice President of Sales, Western Division Lyons Magnus
Eric Martin President Food Sales East, Inc.
Chuck Mascari Jr. Advantage Waypoint LLC
Chuck Mascari, Sr. Advantage Waypoint LLC
Bill Mason Chief Strategy Officer Advantage Waypoint LLC
Tom Massey VP-Austin/San Antonio Market KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Amy Masten Western Regional Foodservice Manager Barilla Foodservice
Shawn McAllister Region President - Upper Midwest KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Ron McBride Advantage Waypoint LLC
Brian McCormick VP, Sales Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Gary McCormick V.P. of Business Development HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Pat McCoy Vice President of Sales Schwan's Food Service
Jeff McCrone CTO FSE-Foodmark
Michael McDonald EVP/CFO Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Bruce McEwen National Sales Manager Clabber Girl
Julie McGill Senior Director GS1 US
Jim McKain Division Manager Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
John McKinley Advantage Waypoint LLC
Mark Michette VP, Sales & Marketing Custom Culinary, Inc.
Mike Miller Zone Director Rich Products Food Service
Rock Moen VP Foodservice & Schools Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Jim Mohan Western PA Divisional Manager Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Rob Monroe EVP-Client Management KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Ben Morgan Region President - Southeast KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Dave Morton Executive Manager KeyImpact - Fmly. Morton & Associates
Dan Mulholland Sr Vice President The CORE Group / MarketSmart
Kurt Mungenast
Dave Murphy SVP Southeast Region Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Bob Murphy V.P. of Sales Rich Products Food Service
Glenn Myers General Manager - Foodservice French's Foodservice
Steve Napoli Foodservice Director Barilla Foodservice
Brian Neese Software Developer FSE-Foodmark
Jim Neil President J.G. Neil & Co.
Doug Nobert CFO Paramount Marketing Group
Gary North President E Street Software, LLC
Kevin O'Beirne President Advantage Waypoint LLC
Kevin O'Brien Advantage Waypoint LLC
Jim O'Connor Customer Success Manager FSE-Foodmark
Larry Oberkfell President & CEO International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
Jerry Orr Director of Field Sales Foodservice Wells' Enterprises, Inc
Jim Padden Sr. Vice President, Consumer Products Ventura Foods, LLC
Tony Panichelli East Coast Sales Manager McIlhenny Company (TABASCO ®)
Chuck Paradowski SVP - Region Presidents West KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Parent Vice President of Sales, Eastern Division Lyons Magnus
Jim Peine President - Kansas Division - Eilte KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Greg Penn Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Kent Pfeifer Market President The Core Group
Kristi Phillips Advantage Waypoint LLC
KYLE POGUE VP - HOUSTON MARKET KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
John Portillo
Marc Preininger Senior Vice President Business Development Advantage Waypoint LLC
Dane Prewitt Vice President / General Manager Alabama Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Jay Price VP of AFH Sales Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
Jack Provenzano Region President KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Larry Rector President Osage Marketing, Inc.
Thomas Rector President Foodservice University
Nathan Redman Business Development IBI Data
Herb Reichenbach Vice President / General Manager Metro NY Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Randy Reid Owner Food Sales East, Inc.
Ken Reynolds President
Bruce Rickard Business Manager Food Service John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Herb Ring National FoodService Sales Director Hershey®'s Food Service
Jon Roberts Vice President New England Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Thomas Roderick Executive Vice President American Patriot Sales, Inc.
Rosie Rosenfeld VP of Sales, Florida Paramount Marketing Group
Steven Ross Director of Sales, East Smucker Company, The J.M.
Eric Ross Vice President HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Chris Runnalls Executive VP Summit FS
Bud Ryan President Ryan Group
Randy Sanders Owner Food Sales East, Inc.
Doug Sanders President Advantage Waypoint LLC
Kent Sauvage Director of Sales DOT Foods, Inc.
Gary Schachter VP, Foodservice Bay Valley Foods
Tom Schreiber CEO HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Mark Schremp Director- Foodservice Sales East Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
Tony Schroder Sr. VP Sales Pierre Foods
Larry Schwartz Director, National Accounts Roland Food Corp.
Jack Scott President MAP Foodservice, Ltd./IBA
Joe Shay Vice President HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
John Sivilla VP, Foodservice Sales ConAgra Foodservice
Rick Skalla Director Enterprise Sales and Corporate Accounts Land O' Lakes
Bill Smalls Director of Sales, D&I CSM Bakery Products
Thomas Smith Vice President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Robert Smith SVP Foodservice Borden Dairy Company, USA
Scott Smolar Director of Foodservice Sales Roland Food Corp.
Lisa Snider Director
Doug Snider President Elite Associates
Steve Sprouse VP, Sales
Scott Stamerjohn Vice President of Marketing DOT Foods, Inc.
Greg Stiff Vice President, Business & Industry Development Smucker Company, The J.M.
Jeff Stone Advantage Waypoint LLC - Mid Atlantic
Jeffrey Strah Western Division Sales Manager Lactalis Culinary
Bruce Stuppi West Sales Mgr, Foodservice McIlhenny Company (TABASCO ®)
Mike Sullivan Vice President of Sales AdvancePierre Foods
Keith Swade Chief Executive Officer Summit Food Marketing Inc.
Dick Sylvia Business Manager MAP Foodservice, Ltd./IBA
Jackie Tressler Director of Foodservice Sales Mrs. T's Pierogies-Ateeco, Inc.
Susanna Valerius Marketing Director GS1 US
Chris Van Rees Nat'l Director of Foodservice Sales Bay Valley Foods
Luke Vanee Regional Sales Manager Vanee Foods Company
Andrew Vanee Controller Vanee Foods Company
Paul Vertullo
John Vice Regional President, Metro NY/PA InFusion Sales Group
Gary Vonck VP Education Division KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mike Wallace VP of Distributor Sales
Bob Watson Market Manager KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Patrick Welsh Advantage Waypoint LLC
Lisa Whinnie Executive Vice President AFS Technologies, Inc.
Tandy Wilson Division Manager HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Steve Wilson Division Manager HOPCO Foodservice Marketing
Cathy Wilson President WOW Sales Effectiveness
Andy Wilson Advantage Waypoint LLC
Stuart Wolff EVP Midwest Region Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Ken Woodburn Director of Sales - Southeast Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
John Woods Senior VP, Foodservice Client Development Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Bob Wopperer Executive VP Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
John Wopperer Senior Vice President Acosta Sales & Marketing, Foodservice
Ken Yontz President & CEO Concentric Strategies
Marc Zitek Market Director KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Diane Zuroweste