Top 2 Top 2018
Top 2 Top 2018
Top 2 Top 2018
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2017 Attendees

Name Title Company
Paul Abdalian Sr. Vice President Emeritus A.J. Letizio Sales and Marketing, Inc.
Bob Abrams General Manager
Alan Acrey President & CEO
Al Adams National Broker Sales Manager Hershey®'s Food Service
Cass Ahern VP Client Management & Business Development KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Albee VP of Sales - Western Division Lyons Magnus
Bill Anastos Vice President - IL AG - Food Marketing Services
Doug Applequist CEO AG - Food Marketing Services
Bob Arnold General Manager
Joe Austin Director, Inside Sales & Corporate Accts. Kerry Food Service
Paul Baker CEO Baker Sales Company/IBA
Martin Baker Vice President
Paul Baker Jr. Director of Sales Baker Sales Company/IBA
Chris Baldner SVP Business Development Acosta Foodservice
David Bandier Regional Business Manager-East Idahoan Foods
Chris Behmer VP Field Sales & Corp. Accts.
Michael Berendes Owner AG - Food Marketing Services
Kevin Black Director - Field Sales S.E./Central Land O' Lakes
Brad Bloom Director of Sales CHD Expert
Patrick Brockie Director of Foodservice Sales Tree Top, Inc.
Larry Brown Owner/SEO AG - Michaels & Associates
John Bundra Director Strategic Accounts Foodservice SCA Tissue North America
Michael Burkette VP of Sales CSP Information Group, Leadership Conferences
Dan Burton Sales Manager Everson
Steve Byrnes Smart Flour Foods
Al Calabrese Natl Sales Manager, Foodservice Del Monte Foods
Jerry Campbell CEO AG - Elite Associates
Steve Canale Senior VP Foodservice Sales Butterball
Butch Cassidy SVP Sysco Sales KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Dan Cassidy CEO KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
David Clark President AG - Paramount Marketing
Alison Cody Executive Director Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry
Rodney Cohen President / COO Cohen Food Service/IBA
Jerry Colella President - Foodservice Cohen Food Service/IBA
Scott Cone Director of Foodservice Sales Wayne Farms LLC
Chris Craddock Partner Food Sales East / Sales One
Demian Craig Busines Development CHD Expert
Bill Crouch Director, Foodservice Business Development C.H. Guenther & Son
Brian Crowe Director of Sales Del Monte Foods
John Culin CEO AG - Synergy Enterprises
David D'Onofrio Vice President/General Manager ConAgra Foods Bakeries
Tom Daley Vice President, Foodservice Mission Foods
Tanna Davis CFO
Cortney Davis Director - CRM and Sales Training KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mike DeGrace VP Sales - Channels WhiteWave Foods
Ward Delaney Vice President, Field Sales Mission Foods
Enzo Dentico Regional President, Upstate NY AG - InFusion Sales
Marc Desmarais
Carl Dietze President
Steve DiMartinis DOT on Demand/Sales Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Jim Donovan Regional President, New England AG - InFusion Sales
Brendan Downs Director - Performance Foodservice KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Bob Duca Corporate Account Sales Manager Wayne Farms LLC
Andrew Egan EVP, National Sales Acosta Foodservice
Jack Eppolito COO FSE-Foodmark
Jose Espinoza Marketing Manager McIlhenny Company (TABASCO ®)
Steven Fafoutis Vice President Kontos Foods Inc
Mike Fanselow Vice President, Field & Industrial Sales Custom Culinary, Inc.
Joe Felipe Sr. Director Distributior Development Wells Enterprises, Inc
David Ferguson Div. Manager, East Foodservice Wells Enterprises, Inc
Joe Ferri COO Pecinka Ferri
Randy Fleck Vice President AG - Food Marketing Services
Pat Fleming Director, Foodservice Business Development C.H. Guenther & Son
Mike Frost General Manager
Eric Gager President & General Manager G.E.M. Food Brokers, Inc./IBA
Lauren Gagneau Student Michigan State University
Glen Gallas President Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
Howard Goldman President American Patriot Sales / Sales One
Todd Gordon Senior VP - West KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Paul Haire EVP Southeast Region Acosta Foodservice
John Hall General Manager
Mike Hannigan Director of Sales, FS Corp Accounts Sugar Foods Corporation
Mike Hargadon Director - Military Segment Sales KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Joe Hargadon SVP - Field Sales KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Hayden President Acosta Foodservice
Rick Heavern President FSE-Foodmark
Rick Heidt President
Andy Heily SVP Marketing & Sales Krusteaz Professional
Gary Hendrickson CEO Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
Erik Henry Director of Foodservice Bush Brothers & Company
Rod Hepponstall VP & General Manager Foodservice Lamb Weston
Greg Hickey Director of Sales, Foodservice & Club DOTTA FOODS International
Robert Hill President & CEO Acosta Sales & Marketing
Jim Hinderaker President AG - Food Marketing Services
Rich Hoadley RETIRED Acosta Foodservice
Jim Hoag
Tom Hobart Vice President - Sales FSE-Foodmark
Julie Hoffmeyer Director Business Development The NPD Group
Dean Hogan Vice President, Category Management Reinhart Foodservice
Ryan Howard Director Field Sales - Foodservice Dole Packaged Foods LLC
Terry Hughner President & CEO Total Source/IBA
Jeff Humphries VP Multi Unit Accounts Gilbert Foodservice/IBA
Doug Hutchins VP Foodservice Sales Sugar Foods Corporation
Grant Huxtable President
Pat Ianaconi EVP Northeast Region Acosta Foodservice
Gregg Ibes VP Sales Everson Spice Company
Ronnie Janczak Vice President, Sysco Corporate Affinity Group
Tim Kammeier Vice President AG - Osage Marketing
Catherine Kearns General Manager CHD Expert
Darry Kearns Sales Executive CHD Expert
El Khattary VP Sales, Foodservice Distribution Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
Jim Kinnerk President Conagra Foodservice
John Kotarski Owner / SEO AG - Michaels & Associates
Ryan Lafaye Market President AG - Paramount Marketing
Jack Lambert VP Business Development Datassential
Don Lantz EVP West Region Acosta Foodservice
Bob Larson Divisional Vice President - West Ken's Foods, Inc.
Ralph Latagliata Divisional Vice President - East Ken's Foods, Inc.
Rich Letteney National Corporate Accts Manager Ken's Foods, Inc.
Roger Little EVP Central Region Acosta Foodservice
Brenda Lotesta Chief Marketing Officer KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
TJ Lynch Region President - Mid Atlantic KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Brent Magolan COO Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
Brent Mague Foodservice Sales Director Newell Rubbermaid
Andrew Mahoney Vice President G.E.M. Food Brokers, Inc./IBA
Marcus Maltby Sr. Vice President of Field Sales Lyons Magnus
Robbie Mamula Director of Distribution Sales, Foodservice Butterball
Clay Marcum VP - Sysco KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Eric Martin Partner Food Sales East / Sales One
Jennifer Martin Vice President
Skip Marvin Director Sales McCormick for Chefs
Shawn McAllister Region President - Upper Midwest KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Stuart McAllister VP Foodservice Sales & Marketing Dole Packaged Foods LLC
May McCarthy VP Foodservice
Pat McCoy SVP Foodservice SunOpta Food Group LLC
Julie McGill Senior Director GS1 US
Steve McLane VP Sales Manager Gilbert Foodservice/IBA
Robert Meyer President Sabin Meyer/IBA
Mark Michette VP, Sales & Marketing
Herb Miller President The Sales Plan
Rob Monroe EVP-Client Management KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Ben Morgan VP Region Chains - East KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Chris Mulder President - Foodservice Cargill Foodservice
Dave Murphy SVP Southeast Region Acosta Foodservice
Lance Musick Sr. Business Development Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Glenn Myers General Manager - Foodservice French's Foodservice
Chad Neil President J.G. Neil & Co./IBA
Doug Nobert CFO AG - Paramount Marketing
Gary Nobert Market President AG - Paramount Marketing
Kevin O'Beirne RETIRED - President
Jim O'Connor Customer Success Manager FSE-Foodmark
Kelly O'Donnell Vice President Business Development DOT Foods, Inc.
John O'Toole VP Institutional Products Division Ritz Foodservice
Larry Oberkfell President & CEO International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
R. Scott Oesterle VP, Foodservice Sales Sterling Foodservice Sales & Marketing
Jerry Orr Director of Field Sales Foodservice Wells Enterprises, Inc
Jim Padden Sr. Vice President, Consumer Products Ventura Foods, LLC
Tony Panichelli Director, North America Sales, Food Division Testo Solutions USA, Inc.
Chuck Paradowski SVP - Central Zone KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Parent Vice President of Sales, Eastern Division Lyons Magnus
Jerry Peacock Senior Vice President - Strategy & Distribution Acosta Foodservice
Greg Penn Partner Food Sales East / Sales One
Shane Pinson Senior Vice President, Channels Waypoint LLC
Park Plank Sr. Business Development Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Marc Preininger Vice President Business Development Waypoint LLC
John Pritchard Chief Marketing Officer Ken's Foods, Inc.
Frank Pruette Managing Partner Stillwater Provisions/IBA
Jennifer Randolph Regional Sales Manager Wayne Farms LLC
Carl Ratermann President Ratermann & Associates/IBA
Larry Rector President AG - Osage Marketing
Michael Ridlehoover President Gilbert Foodservice/IBA
Christopher Riesbeck National Sales Director French's Foodservice
Herb Ring National FoodService Sales Director Hershey®'s Food Service
Dale Ritchie VP Sales Ritchie Marketing/IBA
Jon Ritchie President Ritchie Marketing/IBA
Tony Rizzo President Rizwitsch Sales/IBA
Jon Roberts Vice President New England Acosta Foodservice
Keith Rodeck President Food Service Ken's Foods, Inc.
Dan Rodenbush EVP, Cornerstone Acosta Foodservice
Thomas Roderick Executive Vice President American Patriot Sales / Sales One
Rosie Rosenfeld VP of Sales, Florida AG - Paramount Marketing
Jim Ruddy President
Chris Sanna Regional VP, East Regional Sales Ventura Foods, LLC
Kent Sauvage Director of Sales DOT Foods, Inc.
Tom Schreiber CEO
Mark Schremp Senior Director - Foodservice North Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
John Schwaab Senior Director Client Team Waypoint LLC
Jason Seely Managing Partner Stillwater Provisions/IBA
Greg Sevener Vice President, Foodservice Development Krusteaz Professional
Andy Seymour EVP Marketing & Business Development Acosta Foodservice
Xander Shapiro Director of Marketing Del Monte Foods
Joe Shay Vice President
Jeff Shuman Western Zone Manager Krusteaz Professional
Malcolm Simmonds General Manager Foodservice George Weston Bakeries
John Sivilla
Pete Skrocki Market President AG - Paramount Marketing
Bob Smith
Brian Smith Regional Business Manager - West Idahoan Foods
Johnny Smith CEO AG - Paramount Marketing
Joel Smith President
Doug Snider President AG - Elite Associates
Todd Stedry Vice President AG - Osage Marketing
Robbie Sterling Region President - Southwest KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Greg Stiff Vice President, Business & Industry Development Smucker Company, The J.M.
David Stoneburner Director, Foodservice Sales Ruiz Foods, Inc.
Dee Taylor President/Owner Detail Food Service
Chuck Taylor Partner Food Sales East / Sales One
Phil Thacker Director - Business Development Mission Foods
Chris Than-Win SVP & GM TPM Business Unit AFS Technologies, Inc.
Mike Toti Vice President, Foodservice Sales & Marketing C.H. Guenther & Son
Richard Tracy Executive VP DOT Foods, Inc.
Chris Travisano Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Sugar Foods Corporation
Teri Trullinger Group Vice President - Field Sales Cargill Foodservice
Chris Umstot VP Sales Stillwater Provisions/IBA
Milan Vacval VP DATUM AFS Technologies, Inc.
Scott Vaughan Executive Vice President AG - Synergy Enterprises
John Vice Regional President AG - InFusion Sales
Gary Vonck VP Education Division KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Peter Voss VP - US Foods KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Kent Walrack President/COO Lyons Magnus
Bob Wangerien VP Sales & Marketing Norbest, Inc.
Bill Warren Eastern Zone Manager Krusteaz Professional
Kevin White Executive Vice President-Client and Customers Waypoint LLC
John Wick
Randy Wieland President KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Diane Wild Vice President of Market Development AG - InFusion Sales
Howie Williams South Central Business Mgr. Ocean Spray Inc.
Tom Windsor VP Distribution - Gordon Fdsvc. Division KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Tracy Wolfe Director of Sales Lamb Weston
Stuart Wolff EVP Midwest Region Acosta Foodservice
Scott Woodard Director Channel Planning Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
Ken Woodburn Director of Sales - Southeast Acosta Foodservice
John Woods Senior VP, Foodservice Client Development Acosta Sales & Marketing - RETIRED
John Wopperer Senior Vice President Acosta Foodservice
Matt Wopperer Product Manager FSE-Foodmark
Kevin Zieziula Executive Director The NPD Group
Tom Zilligen Region Business Manager Idahoan Foods