Top 2 Top 2017
Top 2 Top 2017
Top 2 Top 2017
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2016 Attendees

Name Title Company
Paul Abdalian Sr. Vice President Foodservice A.J. Letizio Sales and Marketing, Inc.
Bob Abrams General Manager
Cass Ahern VP Client Management & Business Development KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Albee VP of Sales - Western Division Lyons Magnus
Bill Anastos Vice President - IL Affinity Group - Food Marketing Services
Doug Applequist CEO Affinity Group - Food Marketing Services
Mick Asmussen Vice President Business Development Waypoint LLC
Joe Austin Director, Inside Sales & Corporate Accts. Kerry Food Service
Paul Baker CEO Baker Sales Company/IBA
Martin Baker Vice President
Paul Baker Jr. Director of Sales Baker Sales Company/IBA
Chris Baldner SVP Business Development Acosta Foodservice
David Bandier Regional Business Manager-East Idahoan Foods
Robert Bartelli
Tom Bell VP Sales, Prepared Foods Wayne Farms LLC
Jeff Bender Member Street Level Food Marketing/IBA
Michael Berendes Owner Affinity Group - Food Marketing Services
Brad Bloom Director of Sales CHD Expert
Joseph Borgesi Sales Manager Affinity Group - InFusion Sales
Patrick Brockie Director of Foodservice Sales Tree Top, Inc.
Larry Brown Owner/SEO Affinity Group - Michaels & Associates
Jerry Campbell CEO Affinity Group - Elite Associates
Steve Canale Senior VP Foodservice Sales Butterball
Butch Cassidy SVP Sysco Sales KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Dan Cassidy CEO KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Steve Chester VP Commercial Ingredients John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
David Clark President Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Travis Coldiron Agency Sales Manager - East Conagra Foodservice
Jerry Colella President - Foodservice Cohen Food Service/IBA
Scott Cone Director of Foodservice Sales Wayne Farms LLC
Alex Cook Director of Food Service Harbor Seafood
Marissa Cowan Agency Sales Manager Central ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston
Chris Craddock Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Demian Craig Busines Development CHD Expert
Bill Crouch Director, Foodservice Business Development C.H. Guenther & Son
Kelly Crouse Vice President, Foodservice Sales Smucker Company, The J.M.
John Culin CEO Affinity Group - Synergy Enterprises
Tom Daley Vice President, Foodservice Mission Foods
Trace Dandrea Sr. Director Sales - Western USA McCain® Foods USA, Inc.
Cortney Davis Director - CRM and Sales Training KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Tanna Davis CFO
Ward Delaney Vice President, Field Sales Mission Foods
Enzo Dentico Regional President, Upstate NY Affinity Group - InFusion Sales
Marc Desmarais
Tim Desmond Director of Sales Ocean Spray Inc.
Debra DiCarlo Vice President Sales Hormel Health Labs
Carl Dietze President
Steve DiMartinis DOT on Demand/Sales Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Ed DiPasquale President EFD Associates
Jim Donovan Regional President, New England Affinity Group - InFusion Sales
Brendan Downs Director - Performance Foodservice KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Andrew Egan EVP, National Sales Acosta Foodservice
Jack Eppolito COO FSE-Foodmark
Mike Fanselow Vice President, Field & Industrial Sales Custom Culinary, Inc.
Joe Felipe Sr. Director Distributior Development Wells Enterprises, Inc
Tish Fidler Tate President Fidler Marketing, Inc./IBA
Randy Fleck Vice President - MN Affinity Group - Food Marketing Services
Pat Fleming Director, Foodservice Business Development C.H. Guenther & Son
Michael Freed CEO
Eric Gager President & General Manager G.E.M. Food Brokers, Inc./IBA
Glen Gallas President Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
LeAnne Garoutte Partner Kinetic 12
Howard Goldman President American Patriot Sales, Inc.
Pat Gomez Zone Sales Manager - West Wayne Farms LLC
Lynn Grimes Director, Foodservice Tampa Maid Foods Inc.
Paul Haire EVP Southeast Region Acosta Foodservice
Leo Hannan Director of Sales Foodservice John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Michael Hannen Student Michigan State University
Mark Hannon Restaurant Depot / Jetro
Joe Hargadon SVP - Eastern Zone KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Hayden President Acosta Foodservice
Rick Heavern President FSE-Foodmark
Rick Heidt President
Gary Hendrickson CEO Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
Erik Henry Director of Foodservice Bush Brothers & Company
David Henze Director of Sales Idahoan Foods
Rod Hepponstall VP & General Manager Foodservice Lamb Weston
Jeff Hess Group Vice President - Foods Division Total Source/IBA
Jim Hinderaker President Affinity Group - Food Marketing Services
Patty Hines CFO / COO / Owner Affinity Group - Osage Marketing
Tom Hobart Vice President - Sales FSE-Foodmark
Ryan Howard Director Foodservice Sales Dole Packaged Foods LLC
Terry Hughner President & CEO Total Source/IBA
Doug Hutchins VP Foodservice Sales Sugar Foods Corporation
Grant Huxtable President
Pat Ianaconi EVP Northeast Region Acosta Foodservice
Ryan Jacobsen Regional Sales Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Mark Janco Sr. Director Foodservice Sales Pilgrim's Pride / Pierce Chicken
Ronnie Janczak Vice President, Sysco Corporate Affinity Group
Eric Jeanette National Director of Sales DanoneWave Food Service (Dannon)
Peter Kendall Agency Sales Manager - East Conagra Foodservice
Julie Kerr National Sales Manager Hormel Health Labs
Jim Kinnerk President Conagra Foodservice
John Kotarski Owner / SEO Affinity Group - Michaels & Associates
Joe Kunde VP Indirect Sales & Corporate Accounts McCain® Foods USA, Inc.
Mike LaFond SVP Las Vegas Acosta Foodservice
Don Lantz EVP West Region Acosta Foodservice
Bob Larson Divisional Vice President - West Ken's Foods, Inc.
Ralph Latagliata Divisional Vice President - East Ken's Foods, Inc.
Rich Letteney National Corporate Accts Manager Ken's Foods, Inc.
Roger Little EVP Central Region Acosta Foodservice
Brenda Lotesta Chief Marketing Officer KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Brent Magolan COO Core Group Sales - Midwest KY/IN/OH/MI/WI/IL/WP *
Andrew Mahoney Vice President G.E.M. Food Brokers, Inc./IBA
Marcus Maltby Sr. Vice President of Field Sales Lyons Magnus
Bob Mancini Director of Strategic Accounts Ken's Foods, Inc.
Eric Martin Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Jennifer Martin Vice President
Skip Marvin Director Sales McCormick for Chefs
Anne Matz Director of Sales McCormick for Chefs
Stuart McAllister VP Foodservice Sales & Marketing Dole Packaged Foods LLC
Rich McCloskey National Sales Manager - Foodservice Ocean Spray Inc.
Scott Modica President Custom Culinary, Inc.
Rob Monroe EVP-Client Management KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Gilbert Moore CEO Gilbert Foodservice/IBA
Chris Mulder President - Foodservice Cargill Foodservice
Matthew Muldoon Vice President, Client Services FSEnet+
Phil Muscari Sr. Director of Sales Vie de France
Lance Musick Sr. Business Development Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Andy Neely VP Sales & Marketing Paul Piazza & Son, Inc.
Jim Neil
Chad Neil President J.G. Neil & Co./IBA
Mark Nellermoe President Diamond Crystal Brands
Rich Newville Regional Business Manager Idahoan Foods
Bill Nicholas President Affinity Group - Elite Associates
Gary Nobert Market President Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Doug Nobert CFO Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Kevin O'Beirne RETIRED - President
Tim O'Connor Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Jim O'Connor Customer Success Manager FSE-Foodmark
Kelly O'Donnell Vice President Business Development DOT Foods, Inc.
John O'Toole VP Institutional Products Division Ritz Foodservice
Larry Oberkfell President & CEO International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
Tony Panichelli Director, North America Sales, Food Division Testo Solutions USA, Inc.
Chuck Paradowski SVP - Central Zone KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Mark Parent Vice President of Sales, Eastern Division Lyons Magnus
Patrick Patch Director - Partner Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Jerry Peacock Senior Vice President - Strategy & Distribution Acosta Foodservice
Greg Penn Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Park Plank Sr. Business Development Manager DOT Foods, Inc.
Scott Pool Senior Vice President Business Development Waypoint LLC
Steve Posin VP of Sales & Marketing Vie de France
Marc Preininger Vice President Business Development Waypoint LLC
John Pritchard Chief Marketing Officer Ken's Foods, Inc.
Frank Pruette COO Stillwater Provisions/IBA
Rob Prunier VP Sales Joseph's Gourmet Pasta
Mario Pullara Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Tampa Maid Foods Inc.
Vicki Ratermann Vice President Ratermann & Associates/IBA
Carl Ratermann President Ratermann & Associates/IBA
Michael Ridlehoover President Gilbert Foodservice/IBA
Herb Ring National FoodService Sales Director Hershey®'s Food Service
Jon Ritchie President Ritchie Marketing/IBA
Dale Ritchie VP Sales Ritchie Marketing/IBA
Tony Rizzo President Rizwitsch Sales/IBA
Keith Rodeck President Food Service Ken's Foods, Inc.
Dan Rodenbush EVP, Cornerstone Acosta Foodservice
Thomas Roderick Executive Vice President American Patriot Sales, Inc.
Stephen Romero Vice President Sales McIlhenny Company (TABASCO ®)
Jeff Rose Vice President of Sales Gehl Foods, LLC
Jeff Ross General Manager Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Greg Rotunno VP/Partner United Sales Concepts
Jim Ruddy President
Tom Rupkey Vice President of Sales Conagra Foodservice
Rob Santin Vice President, Sales McCormick for Chefs
Kent Sauvage Director of Sales DOT Foods, Inc.
Steve Schiedermayer President Schiedermayer & Associates
Tom Schreiber CEO
Jason Seely CEO Stillwater Provisions/IBA
Greg Sevener Vice President, Foodservice Development Krusteaz Professional
Andy Seymour EVP Marketing & Business Development Acosta Foodservice
Joe Shay Vice President
Ron Shillings Director of Buying Groups Idahoan Foods
Jeff Shuman Western Zone Manager Krusteaz Professional
Rob Simmelink Director of Business Development McCain® Foods USA, Inc.
Malcolm Simmonds General Manager Foodservice George Weston Bakeries
John Sivilla
Pete Skrocki Market President Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Bob Smith
Johnny Smith CEO Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Mike Smith Sr Dir - Eastern US Field Sales McCain® Foods USA, Inc.
Scott Smolar Vice President Sales & Marketing Major Products Company, Inc.
Doug Snider President Affinity Group - Elite Associates
Andrew Steckler President / Partner United Sales Concepts
Todd Stedry Vice President Affinity Group - Osage Marketing
Greg Stiff Vice President, Business & Industry Development Smucker Company, The J.M.
David Stoneburner Director, Foodservice Sales Ruiz Foods, Inc.
Mike Sullivan
Mark Sutherland Sr VP, Sales & Marketing King & Prince Seafood Corp.
Dee Taylor President/Owner Detail Food Service
Chuck Taylor Partner Food Sales East, Inc.
Megan Teates Director of K12 Foodservice Affinity Group - Paramount Marketing
Phil Thacker Director - Business Development Mission Foods
Mike Toti Vice President, Foodservice Sales & Marketing C.H. Guenther & Son
Chris Travisano Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Sugar Foods Corporation
Teri Trullinger Group Vice President - Field Sales Cargill Foodservice
James Vandergeest Regional Director
Dave Vangel Director of Field Sales - Foodservice Smucker Company, The J.M.
Vince Veneziano Sr. Vice President of Corporate Accounts Lyons Magnus
John Vice Regional President Affinity Group - InFusion Sales
Gary Vonck VP Education Division KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc.
Kent Walrack President/COO Lyons Magnus
Bill Warren Eastern Zone Manager Krusteaz Professional
Karen Wedge Agency Sales Manager Conagra Foodservice
Ian Wesson Director of Marketing McCormick for Chefs
Kim Westover Foodservice Marketing Idahoan Foods
Kevin White Executive Vice President-Client and Customers Waypoint LLC
Dudley Whiteley Director, Corporate Accounts Idahoan Foods
John Wick
Travis Williams Agency Sales Manager West Lamb Weston
Andy Wilson Vice President Client Teams Waypoint LLC
Stuart Wolff EVP Midwest Region Acosta Foodservice
John Woods Senior VP, Foodservice Client Development Acosta Sales & Marketing - RETIRED
John Wopperer Senior Vice President Acosta Foodservice
Matt Wopperer Product Manager FSE-Foodmark
Jeff Yehl General Manager
Kevin Zieziula Executive Director The NPD Group