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Top 2 Top 2018
Top 2 Top 2018

Speaker Resources

THANK YOU for participating in the Top2Top Conference as a speaker!
This page is your best resource for dates & information you will need as a speaker in our program. Here you will find:

  • The Speaker Information document, including the Speaker Agreement Form
  • FSMA Conference Presentation Tips for your presentation and links to guidance for giving an engaging presentation

Questions? Contact Sharon Boyle by e-mail at or by phone at (800) 617-1170 x-200.

FSMA Top2Top Conference Speaker Information
Below is a printable "Speaker Information" document that includes details about the conference and a "Speaker Agreement Form," which must be submitted by all speakers, including panelists. This document includes FSMA Speaker Policies and form you need to complete and submit to make your conference participation “official.” This document is also designed to assist you in preparing for the conference and provides helpful information that can make the experience more rewarding for the attendees and for you as an expert speaker presenting at this event.
Dates to remember include:

  • August 15th: The due date for submitting your session description, your bio and photo (for marketing purposes) and your Speaker Agreement Form
  • January 8th: The due date for submitting your draft presentation
  • January 22nd: The due date for submitting your full presentation

Speaker Information Packet
(PDF file) - Includes a Conference overview, information on FSMA and your target audience, a Speaker Checklist with due dates, Speaker Agreement Form, Hotel information and our Antitrust Compliance Policy for your records.

Speaker Agreement Form
(PDF file) - Stand alone form; is also included in the Speaker Information Packet above.

FSMA Top2Top Conference Presentation Tips

Tips for creating a presentation that the whole room can follow along and enjoy.

  • Minimum font size to use in your presentation = 28 Point.
  • Minimize your use of Power Point animation.
  • Utilize video when appropriate! Video is engaging and breaks the monotony.
  • Have an image of some type on at least 90 percent of your slides.
    Minimize text (i.e., don't put too much text on individual slides).  If attendees have to fight between reading the slide or listening to you, some information will be lost.
  • Rule of Thumb: Bullets should have a maximum of 8 words each.
    Minimize clutter. Avoid including too much information on one slide.
  • Colors are often paled by a projector and large screen, so use more vibrant colors than you normally would or use our template as a guide.
  • If not using FSMA presentation template, please use a dark background and light text on all slides.
  • If inserting graphs/charts please make sure all text is readable, if not, please do not use.

Use the following links to find tips for creating and giving an engaging presentation:

Best Speakers of All Time (with video!*)
*Note Guy Kawasaki's 10-20-30 Rule for PowerPoint!

Public Speaking Tips from an MIT Seminar

10 Tips for Delivering a Memorable Presentation

7 Daily Disciplines of the Successful Speaker