Top 2 Top 2018
Top 2 Top 2018
Top 2 Top 2018

Top 2 Top Speakers

2018 Speakers

The FSMA Planning Committee has designed a program that will provide tactical value to our Top2Top 2018 attendees. Mark your calendar for February 13-16, 2018 and check back regularly for updates.

Brian Todd, Sr. Vice President, Merchandising, Sysco

Distributor Keynote: View from the Top

Brian became Senior Vice President- Merchandising in 2017. He began his Sysco career in 1996 as a Protein Brand Manager with SERCA Ontario, which was later acquired by Sysco, and progressed through several senior Merchandising roles with Sysco Toronto. In 2003, he joined the Sysco Canada leadership team as MORE

Bob Stewart, CEO, UniPro Foodservice Inc.

Distributor Keynote: View from the Top

Bob is currently the CEO of UniPro Foodservice, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, the largest foodservice cooperative in the United States with more than 750 locations, collective membership sales volume in excess of $60B and provides nationwide access to exclusive purchasing opportunities with the country's premier suppliers. His background includes MORE

Andy Revella, former executive, Steak & Ale, Bennigan's and Harrah's Entertainment

Panelist: A Look at 2020 with 20/20 Vision

Andre (Andy) Revella is food service professional with more than 52 years of experience (a surprise to most, considering his youthful looks and energy level). He began working in restaurants as a teen in New York City before pursuing a formal culinary education in London. Upon graduation, Andy became a Banquet Chef at the Hilton in New York. His talent and work ethic was quickly noticed and he was given the opportunity to become the corporate chef for a chain of MORE

Mark Kaplan, President/CEO, Great Wraps

Panelist: A Look at 2020 with 20/20 Vision

Mark Kaplan is the CEO of Great Wraps Grill, a dynamic food franchise headquartered in Atlanta that serves healthy and mega-flavorful Hot Wraps, Grilled Sandwiches and Hearty Bowls. Great Wraps has 65 units in 15 States, and is focused on national expansion. Prior to owing his own company, Mark was a Brand Manager in the Corporate World, guiding major national brands for MORE

Pat Sugrue, President/CEO, Saladworks

Panelist: A Look at 2020 with 20/20 Vision

Patrick Sugrue brings more than 20 years of experience in the food industry and extensive executive expertise to his role as President and CEO of Saladworks. Patrick began his career in consumer packaged goods at The Gallo Winery and The Coca Cola Company. He continued his successful career in the food industry as Chief Operating Officer of Honey Baked Ham, President and Chief Executive Officer at Fearman’s Pork, Inc. and as President and Chief Operating Officer at Sofina Foods. The Detroit nati MORE

Dennis Belcastro, VP, Industry Affairs & Customer Collaboration, Kimberly Clark

Panelist: Past, Present, Future: What Have We Learned and What Should We Expect?

Dennis leads K-C industry wide initiatives that foster profitable growth opportunities and overall business development in a strategic partnership framework. In addition, he will be building collaborative relationships with MORE

Jack Parker, former President, Grocery Sales, Acosta Sales & Marketing (retired)

Panelist: Past, Present, Future: What Have We Learned and What Should We Expect?

Jack Parker is the former president of grocery sales at Acosta Sales & Marketing. He joined the organization when the SMA industry was highly fragmented, and Acosta was a small company with offices primarily in Florida. Over his 25 year career he held numerous senior leadership roles, and helped the company grow from a regional organization to one with a national and international footprint. His roles included MORE

Kevin Brown, GDA Speakers, Sponsored by Food Service Enablers

The Hero Effect: Creating a Culture of Heroes at Every Level

Kevin Brown’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. He grew up in Muskegon, Michigan where his blue collar roots taught him the value of hard work and determination. His resume includes an eclectic mix of career stops that ultimately led him to the purchase of a franchise at the age of seventeen. With a street-wise aptitude and a never quit attitude, he worked his way from the fr MORE

Anne Kohler, EVP & COO, The MPower Group

Are You Prepared for a 'Black Swan' Event?

As one of the Founding Partners and Executive Vice President and COO of The Mpower Group, Anne has been leading consulting and financial management organizations for over 30 years. Anne is responsible for overseeing all client engagements and all operations of the firm. Anne has a passion for collaborating and educating her clients while helping them to uncover hidden value in MORE

Annie Roberts, President, SupplyTrack®, The NPD Group

Think Nationally, Act Locally

Annie Roberts has worked in the foodservice industry for 20-plus years and currently serves as president of the SupplyTrack unit at The NPD Group, a leading market research company. SupplyTrack benchmarks and tracks sales information on every product shipped from a critical mass of distributors to each of their foodservice operators. As president of SupplyTrack, Annie oversees all MORE

Barry Maloney, Managing Partner, Maloney & Knox, PLLC

Ask the Lawyer Desk

Barry Maloney, managing partner of the Washington, D.C. based law firm Maloney & Knox, PLLC and general counsel to FSMA, will be available to answer your legal questions. Just stop by the Ask the Lawyer Desk. Barry will be happy to share his expertise on issues such as contracts, commissions or any other top of mind topic. Be sure to bring along any relevant documents for Barry’s review. Please note: Barry’s legal advice is a valued member benefit and only available to FSMA MORE

Dave DeWalt, President, Franklin Foodservice Solutions

The Future of the Manufacturer/Agency Relationship

Dave DeWalt is President of Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a firm that serves food industry clients on a variety of strategic, marketing and distribution-related projects. Since 1996, Franklin Foodservice Solutions has become nationally recognized for its expertise in the area of cost-to-serve analysis, with resulting improvements in MORE

David Portalatin, Vice President, Industry Analysis The NPD Group

Retail Trends Impacting Foodservice

David Portalatin is The NPD Group’s national expert on all aspects of food and beverage consumption in- and away-from-home. In his role as vice president, industry analysis, Portalatin provides information, insights, and analysis on how U.S. consumers eat and drink, their attitudes and motivations, diet and nutrition, snacking, and personal characteristics. He works closely with food manufacturers and MORE

Ira Blumenthal, President, Co-Opportunities Inc./Exec Director IBA

A Look at 2020 with 20/20 Vision

Referred to as the food industry’s "Renaissance Man," because of the wide diversity in his background and activities, Ira Blumenthal is the founder and president of CO-OPPORTUNITIES, Inc., as well as the Executive Director of The Independent Broker Alliance (IBA). He has consulted to 150 of the top 200 restaurant chains in the U.S., the top five contract management companies, the top five foodservice distribution companies and over 25 leading MORE

Laura MacPhail, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Market Insights, CSSI

Best in Class Practices: Working with Chains

Laura MacPhail has a wide range of strategic consulting and research experience in the food industry, focusing extensively on both consumers and the foodservice supply chain. She recently joined CSSI (Culinary Sales Support Inc.), a full-service strategy and marketing communications agency that offers clients a full array of culinary consulting and development services. MORE

Mark Baum, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations & CCO, Food Marketing Institute

Past, Present, Future: What Have We Learned and What Should You Expect?

Mark Baum currently serves as Chief Commercial Officer for the Food Marketing Institute. In this role, Baum engages retailer, manufacturer, supplier, and service provider CEOs to further trading partner collaboration, leading to operational improvements and growth opportunities across all segments of the food retail supply chain. Baum is also a Managing Partner of MORE

Rob Veidenheimer, Partner & President, Pentallect, Inc.

Go to Market 2025: Issues and Imperatives

Rob Veidenheimer is a Partner and President at Pentallect Inc. Rob has worked as a consultant with numerous clients across the food supply chain and private equity industries. Focus areas of his consulting practice include: MORE

Warren Solochek, President of Foodservice Practice, The NPD Group

How Consumer Choice is Impacting the Commercial Foodservice World

Warren Solochek has worked in the food industry for over 35 years, both in retail as well as foodservice. Warren joined NPD’s Foodservice group in 2003. His responsibilities include overseeing relationships with all existing Foodservice clients, both operators and manufacturers, as well as helping to secure new users of NPD’s Foodservice products and services. His role at NPD gives MORE